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Payroll and Matched Giving

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is an easy way to donate to the College as it allows you to make donations directly from your gross salary, thereby giving immediate tax relief on the value of your gift.

If you are paid through PAYE then your employer is almost certainly eligible to offer payroll giving. Donations are deducted from your salary either as a regular monthly payment or as a one-off gift. Simply choose how much you would like to give and advise your payroll department. The money is donated to the College via payroll giving agency, which charges a small administrative fee. Please contact your payroll department for a payroll giving form.

Example: A basic rate taxpayer wishing to donate £10 a month to the College makes a gift of £8 from their monthly pay packet. For a higher rate taxpayer the figure is just £6.

Matched Giving

Many companies support charities through a matched giving scheme. Matching gift programs can double or triple the value of your gift to the School. If you are making a gift to the College, please check with your Payroll or HR department whether your company operates a scheme like this as it could make your donation worth even more to us.

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