Legacy giving

"About three quarters of us make charitable gifts during our lifetimes but fewer than one in ten of us do so in our wills. And yet the latter form of giving is a lot less painful…. In fact, you could say, we won’t feel a thing. "Sir Peter Bazalgette OA (1962-71)
President of the Canon Carver Society and Former Chair of Arts Council England

A legacy to Dulwich College is your opportunity to support the education of future generations of Alleynians, helping the College to provide first class resources for teaching and learning, and to make a Dulwich College education available to as many bright and able boys from all backgrounds, as possible.

There are a number of reasons that our benefactors choose to give, whether to express gratitude for the education they received, to impact upon future generations who may not otherwise have the opportunity of a private education, or to honour the name of a loved one. Whatever the reason may be, as a benefactor you can feel safe in the knowledge that your legacy will allow boys to benefit from an education that will shape their future.

You can leave a legacy for Dulwich College to invest wherever the need is greatest. Or, alternatively, we also welcome gifts that are focused around a personal passion or interest, such as sport or performing arts.

By leaving a gift to Dulwich College, you do something amazing, allowing boys for years to come to benefit from an education that will shape their future.

As an OA, if you recognise the benefit you gained from the education you received at the College, then please follow in the steps of many OAs and friends by remembering the College in your will.

We do understand not everyone has the ability to make donations during their lifetime. Therefore a bequest may be easier or a more appropriate opportunity to make a significant contribution.

Dulwich College is a registered charity (no.1150064), and by leaving a gift in your will you can also reduce the total tax liability of your estate to your family. All legacies to the College are free from capital gains tax and inheritance tax. Please see the FAQs section for more information.

Thank you for generously considering remembering Dulwich College in your will. If you would like to learn more about remembering Dulwich College in your will, please contact Kara McMahon, Donor Engagement Manager, via email mcmahonk@dulwich.org.uk or phone 020 8299 8446. 

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