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The Landscape Plan

The Landscape Plan will deliver a transformed central campus, restored to full pedestrian use, creating reflective spaces for the boys. This will recover the grandeur of the setting of the Barry Buildings and create a safer, more cohesive campus for the boys.

The first phase was completed in July 2016 with the replacement of the 34 ageing trees of ‘Chestnuts Avenue’ by 52 new specimens in ‘Lime Tree Walk’, which also provided the opportunity to resurface the path with top-dressed gravel, replacing the former garish green cycle path with a surface to rival that of Royal Greenwich.

In June 2019, the 

The proposed second and subsequent phases includes:

  1. The enhancement of the setting to Barry Building’s West elevation
  2. The creation of a pedestrianised square and reflective education space in the centre of campus
  3. The provision of a new car park to the west of the campus, relocating parking away from the north and south gravels to create a safer, more cohesive campus for the boys
  4. New Emergency access link to the perimeter of the playing fields

Future plans include:

  1. Further enhance the setting of the Barry Building by restoring historic path layouts
  2. Replace ageing trees
  3. Establishment of a wildlife boundary to the periphery of the site

For further information, please contact the Development office on +44 (0)20 8299 5335 or email on



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