Bursary Stories

Here you will find stories from some of our alumni who benefited from a bursary at Dulwich College. They share their experiences from school, the impact a bursary has had on their lives and the importance of increasing these opportunities for more young people and their families today.
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Adam's story

Adam left Dulwich in 2006, and after time in the Saracens’ set up he went on to be a professional rugby player for seven years. He is now a trainee teacher.
Adam Preocanin OA (2004 - 2006), Trainee Teacher
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Fabian’s story

Fabian completed his studies at Dulwich College in 2003 after joining in Year 7. He is now Assistant Head Teacher at Townley Grammar School and Director of Character Education and Wellbeing at the Odyssey Trust for Education.
Fabian Gupta De Fabiani OA (1996 - 2003), Assistant Head Teacher
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Justin's story

“The most important lesson for me was never to let financial circumstances limit your ambition. I want as many boys as possible to have the same opportunity I did.”

Justin Seymour OA (2006 – 2013), Law Student

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Josh's story

“Being given a bursary truly changed my life. It would be amazing if other students could have the same chance I had.”

Josh Phillips OA (2012 – 2014), Software Engineer

Clive Whitbourn

Clive's story

Clive was at Dulwich from 1957 - 1964 and was a beneficiary of the “Dulwich Experiment” led by the Master, Christopher Gilkes. At its height, more than 85% of boys attended Dulwich with their fees paid by local authorities. Clive went on to Cambridge and is currently a Director of DRD Power. He is a member of our Canon Carver Society, that recognises those who have included support for Dulwich in their will. Read Clive's story.

Clive Whitbourn OA (1957 - 1964). Director, DRD Power.

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