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Bursary Stories

Here you will find stories from some of our alumni who benefited from a bursary at Dulwich College. They share their experiences from school, the impact a bursary has had on their lives and the importance of increasing these opportunities for more young people and their families today.

Filip’s story

Filip was able to attend Dulwich thanks to the UWC Polska Scholarship Programme. After leaving the College, Filip attended MIT on a scholarship and has developed the first software for auto-complete on emails and has featured in Forbes Poland’s “25 Under 25”.

Filip Twarowski OA (2011 – 2013), CEO at rift

James’s story

“Going to Dulwich, you absorb this ethos of working hard and being aspirational and it becomes a part of you.”
James came to Dulwich on a deep bursary (75%+) and travelled the world with the Dulwich Rugby team. James’s work has enabled him to continue to travel, including time living in Singapore and New York.

James Oyedele OA (2005 – 2011), Senior Product Manager

Nick’s story

“The Dulwich Experiment transformed not only my father’s life, but the lives of everyone in my family.”
Nick is an example of the ongoing impact of bursaries. While not being a bursary recipient himself, Nick’s father, Thomas ‘Hooky’ Howe OA (1946-53) attended the College thanks to a local authority funded place during the Dulwich Experiment. Thomas went on to become a Chartered Surveyor as well as the Chair of Governors at Dulwich College. Nick followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a Chartered Surveyor as has Nick’s daughter.

Nick Howe OA (1974 – 1980), Managing Partner

Robert’s story

Robert applied for a place at Dulwich College knowing he would need a fully funded place in order to attend, but was always encouraged by his parents that it was a possibility. Since leaving Dulwich, Robert read Chemistry at Cambridge and is now a Chartered Accountant and holds senior audit roles in both in the UK and abroad.

Robert Ottey OA (1982 – 1989), Managing Director

Richard's story

Richard Evans received significant financial support to attend Dulwich College. After Dulwich, he moved to the United States where he specialises in aviation law as a partner in an international law firm. 

Richard Evans OA (1987 - 1995), Law Partner

CJ’s story

CJ Obi studied urban planning, design and management at UCL and later founded the Urbanist Platform to inspire young people from underrepresented backgrounds to work in the built environment. 

CJ Obi OA (1999 - 2006), Founding Partner of Urbanist Platform

Simon's story

Simon Dyson came to Dulwich as a boy from Reedham School. After passing the 11+, Simon studied at the College at the time of the Dulwich Experiment wherein 90% of pupils, including Simon, held full-fee awards from the local authorities.

After Dulwich, Simon spent 37 years at IBM. 

Simon Dyson OA (1959 - 1967), Retired Managing Director at IBM

Ennan's story

After leaving Dulwich College, Ennan Mwendwa read Medicine at the University of Bristol and was just starting medical rotations when the pandemic began. 

Ennan Mwendwa OA (2000 - 2011), Doctor

Donald's story

Meet Donald, who came to Dulwich on a bursary place and went on to become School Captain. 

Now working in wealth management, he remains grateful to all those who donate to bursaries at Dulwich College. 

Donald Nartey OA (2002 - 2009),  Wealth Manager

Andrew’s story

Professor Andrew Tomkins OBE benefited from a free place under the “Dulwich Experiment” of the 1950s and 60s.  He went on to found the Centre for International Child Health at Great Ormond Street and has spent his career committed to child health and nutrition, particularly in the developing world. 

Andrew hopes that more pupils today might benefit from the same education he enjoyed. 

Professor Andrew Tomkins OBE OA (1954 - 1961), Professor of International Child Health

Luke's story

Meet Luke, who came to Dulwich at sixth form on a boarding bursary through our partnership with the Royal National SpringBoard Foundation. 

Luke says that “Dulwich helped me to find what I actually wanted to do with my life.”

Luke Pye OA (2017 - 2019), Politics Student

Selvin’s story

Selvin’s parents worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. He received a bursary place at Dulwich, and from there went on to study at Cambridge and is now working in the City. 

He hopes other families like his will have the same opportunity he did. 

Selvin Selbaraju OA (2010 - 2017), Investment Banking Analyst 
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Adam's story

Adam left Dulwich in 2006, and after time in the Saracens’ set up he went on to be a professional rugby player for seven years. He is now a trainee teacher.
Adam Preocanin OA (2004 - 2006), Trainee Teacher
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Fabian’s story

Fabian completed his studies at Dulwich College in 2003 after joining in Year 7. He is now Assistant Head Teacher at Townley Grammar School and Director of Character Education and Wellbeing at the Odyssey Trust for Education.
Fabian Gupta De Fabiani OA (1996 - 2003), Assistant Head Teacher
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Justin's story

“The most important lesson for me was never to let financial circumstances limit your ambition. I want as many boys as possible to have the same opportunity I did.”

Justin Seymour OA (2006 – 2013), Law Student

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Josh's story

“Being given a bursary truly changed my life. It would be amazing if other students could have the same chance I had.”

Josh Phillips OA (2012 – 2014), Software Engineer

Clive Whitbourn

Clive's story

Clive was at Dulwich from 1957 - 1964 and was a beneficiary of the “Dulwich Experiment” led by the Master, Christopher Gilkes. At its height, more than 85% of boys attended Dulwich with their fees paid by local authorities. Clive went on to Cambridge and is currently a Director of DRD Power. He is a member of our Canon Carver Society, that recognises those who have included support for Dulwich in their will. Read Clive's story.

Clive Whitbourn OA (1957 - 1964). Director, DRD Power.

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