Since Edward Alleyn’s foundation of The 'College of God's Gift' in 1619, philanthropy has been at the core of a Dulwich education.

Furthering our Founder’s Mission: 400 years and beyond

Your support is essential to help us to provide an extraordinary education to young men of all backgrounds. We prepare pupils to better face the world, and better the world they face.

We are creating a campus which will foster and enhance the learning and development of boys in and beyond the classroom. We plan to invest £16 million on capital improvements over the next three years. We are also working to expand our Bursary Appeal Fund and offer financial assistance for up to 50% of our pupils, ensuring easier and greater access to the College for boys whose families would not otherwise be able to afford a Dulwich education.

We need your help - year after year - to do it well. Gifts to our Annual Fund provide unrestricted support to meet the evolving needs of our pupils and faculty.

Thank you for considering making a gift to Dulwich. Your contribution will make a real difference to Alleynians today and generations to come.

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