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Published articles by the Master

Interview with Dr Joe Spence

Summer 2022, Education Corner Podcast

Dr Joe Spence talks about the ethos and efforts being made to ensure Dulwich College is a diverse and inclusive school. Listen to the full interview 

Free Learning: Inspiring intellectual curiosity at Dulwich College

Lent 2022, Education Choices Magazine

Some eight years ago Dr Joe Spence coined a term to describe his passion for all sorts of learning beyond the curriculum, “free learning”. Read more...

Spotlight On: Southwark Schools’ Learning Partnership

04 June 2021, Independent Schools Council Blog

Dr Joe Spence, master of Dulwich College, explains how the Southwark Schools’ Learning Partnership has adapted its collaborative work during the pandemic. Read more...

In search of time and space

Spring 2021, Prep School magazine

In James Joyce’s great short story ‘The Dead’, Gabriel Conroy, dilettante schoolmaster, bemoans the passing of a more spacious age. Read more...

Success of language teacher SCITT must now 'go viral'

9 September 2020, Tes

Fears the government-funded NML SCITT scheme would only benefit private schools has proven unfounded, so we must push forward, writes Dr Joe Spence. Read more...

A world class education within your budget: 191 Bursary Awards at Dulwich College

9 October 2019, NappyValleyNet

Every parent hopes their children can attend a school that offers a stimulating academic curriculum alongside transformational opportunities beyond the classroom. Read more...

The Future of Partnership

13 August 2018, HMC Blog

There is concern among school leaders that politicians are so taken up with Brexit that education is being neglected. I am not sure this is the case. Read more...

Building bridges

Absolute Education, Autumn - Winter 2017

Joe Spence, Master of Dulwich College and Co-Director of the Southwark Schools' Learning Partnership, reflects on the benefits of forging partnerships between maintained and independent schools. Read more...

Is a well-rounded education still useful?

10 November 2017, Independent Schools Show

Dr Joe Spence and Ben Vessey, Head of Canford School address the question of whether a well-rounded education is still useful.

State and independent schools must meet as equals

02 July 2017, The Sunday Times Education Blog

Much has changed politically since June 8, not least with reference to schools. Since the general election it has been Labour rather than the Conservative Party that has been shouting about education. The Tories have gone very quiet. Read more...

From Stem to Steam: let’s put the arts into education

14 May 2017, The Sunday Times Education Blog

It is than a month since Sir Nicholas Serota delivered, in Hull, our new UK City of Culture, his first speech as chair of Arts Council England. It received limited coverage in the news and has drawn forth even less comment. Read more...

A good teacher stays with you for decades

26 February 2017, The Sunday Times Education Blog

Headteachers have many and various responsibilities, and most of us feel them sharply. It is imperative for a head to have, and to some extent to personify, an educational vision and a social mission that are understood across the entire school. Read more...

Let’s not forget the ‘ordinary pupil’

12 February 2017, The Sunday Times Education Blog

Buried deep in an article on what makes a good school, you might find a paragraph on its provision for the “ordinary pupil”. But this is a species that deserves more attention. Read more...

Debating can save us from ‘short-termist democracy’

15 January 2017, The Sunday Times Education Blog

Debating should be an integral ingredient of every school’s commitment to learning beyond the curriculum and beyond the classroom; it is one of the most powerful antidotes a school can provide to lazy “marshmallow” thinking. Read more...

Young people need to be more than the sum of their CVs

11 December 2016, The Sunday Times Education Blog

This week saw the publication of the latest Pisa (Programme for International Student Assessment) ranking of aspects of the educational provision of 72 countries or cities. Read more...

Why British students should go Dutch

30 October 2016, The Sunday Times Education Blog

Dutch universities are worth considering, says Joe Spence.

We’ve held a week of meetings for Year 11 and 12 pupils and their parents, from Dulwich and other local schools, on the destinations they might aspire to after A levels (or the International Baccalaureate). Read more...

Turning pupil voice into pupil action

9 October 2016, The Sunday Times Education Blog

While the Tories were gathering for their annual party conference, the headmasters and headmistresses of HMC - representing nearly 300 of the UK's leading independent schools - met 25 miles to the south, in Stratford upon Avon. The theme was 'Leading creative schools'. Read more...

Theresa May must allow private schools to act independently to help poor children

30 September 2016, The Telegraph - Education

Theresa May has thrown down the gauntlet to independent schools. I am pleased she has done so and pleased by the manner in which she has made her demands. Read more...

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