Sport and PE at Dulwich continues to be a collaboration of two vibrant and forward thinking programmes, which benefit from the dynamic and reflective practice encouraged throughout the College. An integral part of the school curriculum, there is a shared ethos across the College that Sport and PE have a direct positive impact on our boys’ well-being, from running a mile regularly to representing your country, the link between positive resilient mind-sets and physical activity cannot be ignored.

Sport and PE continues to put the pupils at the heart of its programme which aims to unlock the potential of each student by exposing individuals to experiences and opportunities to participate in order to reach desired goals. Specialist teachers and coaches are used to deliver Sport and PE at every stage, and implement a curriculum which challenges every pupil. The aim of Sport and PE programme at Dulwich is to ensure a high quality sporting experience for all pupils, which leads to a lifelong involvement in physical activity and sport, regardless of the level.

The benefits of Sport, PE and regular physical activity are highly valued here at Dulwich and form a key part of our pupils’ education in developing a positive sense of self, learning valuable life lessons and preparing them for life outside of Dulwich.

At the centre of our approach is highly valued Games programme where staff coach, manage and inspire pupils across the school in a wide range of sports. Dulwich pupils show outstanding commitment to extra-curricular practices and sports clubs which are essential to ensure the quality of pupil experience. There is a diverse programme of extra-curricular fixtures which run both midweek and on Saturdays. It is not unusual for over 500 pupils to play for the School in the various teams fielded on Saturdays. The Games programme is extremely diverse with the Sports on offer ranging from Rugby, Football and Cricket, through to Water Polo, Olympic Lifting, Golf and Rowing.

Directly aligned to our Games programme sits our PE curriculum which underpins the physical literacy skills designed to keep our boys healthy, gives them a knowledge of how their bodies work, sets physical goals to keep boys motivated and improves their knowledge of training methods for elite, club or recreational involvement. This programme runs from Year 3 through to Year 11 with PE an A-Level option in the Upper School.

For those who are not members of School team squads a flourishing inter-house competitions structure provides competitive sport at a less intensive level. Whatever their ability or interest, all pupils are able to find a place within Dulwich Sport. The standards achieved in most sports are extremely high. The School produces a large number of elite athletes but we are equally as proud of the boys who continue to play sport beyond Dulwich at whatever level suits them.

The Sport and PE department is well resourced with 14 full-time PE staff, 18 visiting coaches across a number of sports, and are ably supported by a talented and enthusiastic common room. The facilities rival those of any school of similar standing and the College is committed to a continued regeneration and maintenance programme to ensure that boys at Dulwich learn in an inspirational environment. Pupils are encouraged to use the sports facilities outside school hours for the purposes of specific training, recreational sport or general fitness.

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