Sporting Honours


Name Sport Country Year
S. Ellis Rugby England 1880
F. Braddon Rugby New Zealand 1885
M.P. Bowden Cricket England 1888
W.R.M. Leake Rugby England 1891
N.F. Henderson Rugby Scotland 1892
C.M. Wells Rugby England 1893
H.T.S. Gedge Rugby Scotland 1894
E.G.S. Hose Hockey England 1897 Lisle Solbe Hockey England 1897
S.H. Fry Golf England 1901
B.C. Hartley Rugby England 1902
Rev F.H Gillingham Cricket England 1904
W. Brande.r Jnr Golf England 1905
P.M. Rees Hockey England 1905
Pte. S.F. Thol Shooting England 1905
N.A. Knox Cricket England 1907
A.L. Wade Rugby Scotland 1908
W.V. Sherlock Cricket Demerara 1909
G.A.M. Isherwood Rugby Great Britain 1910
C.T. Mold Rugby Argentina 1911
K.G. Drysdale Rugby Argentina 1911
W.H. Bridger Rugby Argentina 1911
R.T.D Alexander Shooting India 1911
J.E. Greenwood Rugby England 1912
E.G. Loudon-Shand Rugby Scotland 1913
H.M. Leake Shooting India 1913
Dr R.G.S. Woods(i) Athletics England 1914
C.N. Lowe Rugby England 1914
G. Donald Rugby Scotland 1914
A.F. Engelbach Badminton England 1921
W.D. Doherty Rugby Ireland 1921
H.P.T. Lattey Shooting Ireland 1921
C.E. Cat Rugby Uruguay 1922
C.H. Scott Rugby Argentina 1922
E.A. Cleugh Rugby Uruguay 1922
J.M. Cat Rugby Uruguay 1922
L.P. Bridal Rugby Uruguay 1922
A.E.R. Gilligan Cricket England 1922
R.K. Nunes Cricket West Indies 1923
C.W. Simpson Shooting Scotland 1923
Lt.-Colonel A.F. Marchment Shooting England 1923
E.G. Vanzeveren (i) Swimming France 1924
E. Johnston-Noade Motor Boating England 1926
P.D. Macfarlane Badminton England 1927
C.G. Eames Lawn Tennis England 1927
K.J. Stark Rugby England 1927
G.H. Purchon Swimming Great Britain 1927
J. Byde Martin Shooting Scotland 1928
A.H.H. Gilligan Cricket England 1929
K.G. Livingston Badminton England 1930
M.E. O'Brian Cricket Egypt 1930
B.W Rix Cricket Nigeria 1931
Major R.J.A. Betham Cricket Gold Coast 1931
E.C.P. Whitley Rugby England 1931
Air Vice Marshal F.C Halahan Shooting Ireland 1931
C.F Crabbe Curling England 1934
Major C.B. Krabbe Curling England 1934
T.R.M. Bristow (ii) Rowing Great Britain 1936
K.G.C Campbell Fencing England 1937/1947
G.W. Parker Rugby England 1938
A.G Lehmann Fencing England 1939
A.B.W Pennell Rugby England South Public Schools 1940
W.D. Doherty Rugby Ireland 1943
A.W.H. Mallett Cricket England 1944
S.C. Griffith Cricket England 1944
T.E. Bailey Cricket England 1944
G.D. Evans * Squash Wales 1949
A.W.H. Mallett Squash England 1950
I.D.F. Coutts Rugby Scotland 1951
J.R. Best Badminton England 1953
J.B. Evans * Squash Wales 1953
S.J. Lam Squash India 1957
A.F. Gazdar Squash India 1957
B.W. Howes Fencing Great Britain 1957
D.D. Stringer (iii) Fencing Great Britain 1960
A.H Emus Sailing England 1961
B.W Howes Fencing Great Britain 1962
D.W. Curtis Croquet England 1963
J.F. Anderson Fencing England 1964
W.L. Barry (iv) Rowing Great Britain 1964
P.W. Cook Rugby England 1965
A.F. Wilson (v) Swimming England 1965
P.A. Oosterhuis Golf England 1967
D.F. Boadella Shooting Great Britain 1967
T. Pennell Rugby England U15 1974
R.F. Looker Rugby England U23 1974
I.S. McIntosh Hockey England 1975
J. Thornton Rugby England 1976/1977
T. Llewelyn Athletics Wales 1978
D. Llewellyn Rugby England U19 1980
S. Ross Rugby England U16 1982
A. Mullins Rugby England U19 1983
C. Palmer Rugby England U18 1985
J. Walters Rugby England U18 1985
F. Al-Harden Shooting England 1985
D. Holmes Shooting England 1985
J. Garbett Shooting England Junior 1985
D. Horner Shooting England Junior 1985
S. Robbie Pentathlon Great Britain 1986
J. Overall Rugby England U18 1988
D. R. West Rowing England 1988
S. D. Howard Rugby England U16 (c) 1990
T. Dux Rugby England U16 ( c ) 1996
J. Dawson Rugby England U16 A 1996
N. Martin Rugby England U16 A 1996
K. M. West (vi) Rowing Great Britain 1998-2006
P. S. Bennett Rowing England 2000
J. R. M. Boote Rowing England 2000
J. A. Dunley Rowing Great Britain 2000-2006
G. A. Vaizey Rowing Great Britain 2000-2002
O. Eyong Athletics Great Britain U20 2000
A. J. Fulton Rowing England 2001
S. F. Rickard Rowing England 2001
H. R. Chin Rowing Great Britain 2004/2007
J. E. Mountain Rowing Great Britain 2004
R. Brathwaite Cricket Barbados 2004
T. Mercey Rugby England U16 A 2004
M. Odejobi Rugby England U16 2004
M. Richmond Sailing Great Britain 2004
B. Palmer-Fry Rugby Estonia 2004
D. Fenlon Rugby Ireland U18 2005
P. Self Rugby Cayman Islands 2005
N. Porter Rugby England U16 2005
A. Preocanin Rugby England U18 2005
D. Fenlon Rugby Ireland U18 2005
A. Sheridan Rugby England 2005
T. Saunders Rowing Wales 2005
R. Dunley Rowing Great Britain 2005
J. Elliot Rugby England U16 2006
N. Easter Rugby England 2007
W. Fraser Rugby England U18 & England Saxons 2007
A. Brown Rugby England U18 2007
T. Barron Rugby USA U20 2007/2008
M. Keyte Rugby England U18 2008
J. Jarratt Rowing Great Britain U16 2009
S. Twomey Rugby England U18/U20 2009
S. Northcote-Green Rugby England U18 2010
M. Oliver Rugby USA U20 2010
A. Alleyne Cricket West Indies U19 & Barbados 2011
J. Reason Rugby England U16 2011
T. Curran-Jones Fencing England U17 2011
B. Obano Rugby England U18 2011
S. Downing Ice Hockey England U15 2011
S. Woods Triathlon Great Britain U19 2011
B. Precious Cricket Argentina 2011
A. Greenidge Cricket Barbados 2011
J. Stewart Fencing England U15 2012
N. Howes Fencing England U15 2012
A. Patel Rowing (cox) Great Britain 2012
T. Lynch Rowing Great Britain 2012
R. Wood Rowing Great Britain 2012
W. Thomas Rowing Great Britain 2012
W. Hitt Rowing Great Britain 2012
T Curran-Jones Fencing Great Britain U23 2013
J Chan Quee Swimming Great Britain Juniors 2013
J Ibuanokpe Rugby England U18 2014
I Edey Water Polo Great Britain 2015
G Tan Fencing England U15 2016
E Staunton Water Polo Great Britain 2017
A Brown Rowing Great Britain 2017
P Craig Rowing England 2017
J Anderson Football ISFA U14 2017
A Wills Skiing GB U21 2017
W Koster Swimming England Talent Programme 2017
A Gruffat Tennis Great Britain 2017

(i) Competed in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris
(ii) Competed in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin
(iii) Competed in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome
(iv) Competed in the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo
(v) Competed in the 1966 Commonwealth Games in Jamaica
(vi) Gold Medal in 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney and competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens

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