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Water Polo

Water Polo is introduced to the Junior School boys as a lunchtime club in Years 5 and 6. All boys capable of continuous swimming in deep water are invited to try this very exciting and popular water sport. We play on average six friendly matches a year against local opposition to give the boys an understanding of match play and team work.

In the Senior school we have teams competing in all age groups in two main competitions, the Schools League and the ESSA National event. We have weekly matches and scrimmages also known as training games against some very strong local schools. This along with the relationship established with both the Becon and Regional training programmes has seen a huge increase in participation numbers as well as the standard within the south of England as a whole. Boys wishing to join the water polo teams are invited to trial at entry points in Year 7 and again in Year 9. Years 7 and 8 have an exclusive session designed to teach the very basics and fundamentals of the game whilst they are still physically developing. Once in Year 9 and older, boys have on offer three sessions a week plus three swimming sessions which is encouraged to develop speed endurance. We are very privileged to have two national and international water polo players from Spain and Hungary in our coaching team.

As with the swimming programme, touring with the water polo teams has been invaluable. The development of team work and the team spirit within the specific age groups has proved fruitful in so many areas. Water Polo is played in many countries around the world and at many different levels. Our visits to Dubai and Hungary highlight this and offer experiences for all levels of our teams. Our most recent tour to California highlighted some of the opportunities that may be on offer to some of our most capable students both in the classroom and in the pool whilst visiting numerous universities, researching potential post Dulwich College options.

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