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Hockey has been played at the College since the mid-1950s. We believe that participation in the fast-moving exciting sport brings a host of health and mental benefits to the boys, including developing fitness and co-ordination, learning to work in a team and communication skills. Our philosophy is to create an environment where all boys, regardless of ability, are welcome and encouraged to play and enjoy the sport.

Hockey is open to boys from Year 3 to Year 13, through a combination of co-curricular clubs and games options. This programme is supported by a strong fixture list, and entry into national and regional competitions at a number of age groups. In addition, we believe in the benefits of tours for the boys, giving them the opportunity to train together, play against new opponents, experience different cultures, and forge friendships. Destinations have included Amsterdam, Barcelona and San Sabastian, with the seniors travelling further afield, touring destinations such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Calum Basey and Rob Craze, our Heads of Hockey, alongside Justin King (former South African international) lead the hockey programme supported by a keen body of staff. We have two astro-turf pitches onsite, providing the perfect training ground for all our boys, and enabling us to host fixtures and tournaments.

Pupils are also encouraged and helped to perform at elite level if they desire. As they progress through the College, these boys have access to individual programmes including personalised strength and conditioning sessions. A number of boys have gone on to gain representative honours in recent years at both regional and national levels.  

Our ultimate goal, however, is to foster an ongoing love of the sport in the boys that they will carry with them into their lives as young men, playing at clubs and universities, and enjoying the health and social benefits this brings.

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