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High Performance Programme

Programme Structure

Through a structured framework consisting of five strands, pupils are able to utilise the College’s extensive and diverse sport resources in order to develop in a way that compliments their academic and wider school experience.


Pupils on the programme will have the opportunity to develop strategies to reduce stress, improve goal setting and utilise positive thinking.

These years can be a busy but hugely enjoyable time in a student athlete’s life. We aim to give pupils the tools to be able to manage their time, learn from mistakes and take advantage of the opportunities they will get.


Weekly specialist strength and conditioning sessions ensure athletes learn and develop a solid foundation in movement skills, core stability and physical strength. These, combined with speed and power sessions, aim to improve performance in their sports and reduce the risk of injury. Tests conducted at the beginning of every term will help to monitor and tailor training whilst providing feedback to pupils, staff and parents.

Pupils enjoy challenges at the end of the sessions, testing their ability in a range of component of fitness with the coveted ‘yellow jersey’ being handed to the winner of that week.


We believe that establishing good habits from a young age is important in reaching your full potential as an athlete. Injury prevention, nutrition, balancing academics and sport, positive thinking and sleep are all areas in which Dulwich College sports staff and external professionals focus on to develop students.


To ensure athletes are fulfilling expectations there is regular communication with Heads of Sport and external clubs/academies.

Video analysis is conducted with students to give visual feedback, tailor training and improve performance.

Weekly ‘Output’ tests monitor fatigue and recovery data, giving us a deeper insight into the student athlete’s body and adjusting training and S&C sessions accordingly.


Pupils are also able to access individual support as needed, for example in devising a programme to balance their academic and sporting commitments, or dealing with injury and setbacks.

Qualities a Dulwich College HPP pupil should have

  • Coachable and willing to quickly implement given feedback
  • Demonstrate ambition and drive towards achieving a personal or team goal
  • Possess raw athletic ability
  • Able to make good decisions when under pressure
  • Physically and mentally resilient and robust
  • Have positive emotional intelligence and are able to bounce back from setbacks
  • Have good communication skills

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