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Sport at Dulwich College consists of a collaboration of our vibrant, comprehensive and forward-thinking Games and Physical Education (PE) programmes.

The combination of these two programmes results in an outstanding provision that is an integral part of College life. There is a shared ethos that sport has a direct, positive impact on our pupils’ well-being, whether it is running a mile or representing their country, as the link between positive, resilient mind-sets and physical activity cannot be ignored. Sport also provides opportunities to develop socially, creates a sense of community, as well as providing boys with a welcome change in focus from their academic endeavours.

Dulwich College sport puts the pupils at the heart of its Games and PE programmes. These aim to unlock the potential of every pupil by exposing them to a range of experiences and opportunities. Specialist teachers and coaches are used to deliver a curriculum which challenges every pupil from Year 3 to Year 13. Our goal is to ensure a high-quality sporting experience for all boys, leading to a lifelong involvement in some form of physical activity.

Games Programme

At the centre of our approach is a highly valued Games programme where staff coach, manage and inspire pupils across the College. The programme is dynamic and constantly evolving, with a diverse range of sports and activities on offer, from rugby, football, hockey and cricket, through to water polo, fencing, badminton, cycling and rowing. The Games programme is also supported by a wide range of fixtures, providing numerous opportunities for boys of varying abilities to represent the College, and we are proud of the levels of participation that we are able to achieve. Fixtures can be viewed at

PE Programme

The innovative PE programme is directly aligned to our Games programme, and underpins the physical literacy skills designed to keep all our pupils healthy. It gives them a knowledge of how their bodies work, sets physical goals to keep them motivated and improves their knowledge of training methods whether for elite, club or recreational involvement. Pupils are fitness tested each term as we aim to provide them with the tools to monitor and develop their own progress. They are also given the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of training methods and the benefits of staying fit and healthy. The programme runs from Year 3 through to Year 11 but is designed for the benefit of pupils at all points of entry.

Co-curricular Sport

Alongside the Games and PE programmes there are also numerous further opportunities for pupils to participate in a wide range of sporting activities as part of the co-curricular programme. These range from sport specific training and fixtures, strength and conditioning sessions, through to the opportunity to try something new, such as basketball and fives. It is an extensive, evolving programme, running before and after school as well as during the lunchbreak, and we encourage all pupils to get involved regardless of their ability.

High Performance Programme (HPP)

In addition, we run a High Performance Programme (HPP). This programme is committed to lifting the performance of individuals and teams by supporting the development of Sports Scholars and Performance Athletes. 

GCSE and A level

Physical Education is available to study at both GCSE and A level providing a deeper understanding of the physiological, psychological and social aspects of sport. It introduces pupils to the world of PE, sport and sport science through a combination of physical performance and academic challenges. The course content encourages pupils to contextualise theory and to develop and apply their knowledge, understanding and quality of performances in practical assessments. Pupils will engage with key issues and themes relating to contemporary global influences on physical education and sport. The A level programme helps those pupils who wish to access the numerous physical education, sport and physical activity higher education programmes, but also assists the development of key transferable skills for progression to all areas of higher education such as numeracy and communication skills .

Departmental Aims and Philosophy

In order to deliver our ambitious and comprehensive programme we have a well-staffed, professional department with substantial expertise in all areas, combining strength in teaching with sport specific knowledge.

Our Aims

  • To ensure every pupil gets the same opportunity
  • Continue to increase meaningful participation whilst striving for high performance
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the benefits of sport
  • Encourage a positive approach to health and exercise across the whole College community
  • Develop pupils of integrity who have a love of physical activity and a desire to improve and achieve

Our Teaching Philosophy

  • Consistently reinforce the importance of being a good person
  • Value attitude above ability
  • Expect all pupils to be excellent at those things that require no talent
  • Maximise individual moments and interventions
  • Inspire pupils to be best they can be and to understand what they can achieve

If you have any further questions about Sport at Dulwich or wish to visit us then please contact Mr Davies, Director of Sport, on

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