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Dulwich College and local primary schools celebrate artistic collaboration

Dulwich College and local primary schools celebrate artistic collaboration

On Saturday we hosted the final session of the Creative Saturday School. We invited parents and carers to join us for tea, coffee and cake and to enjoy the fruits of their children's creativity in the form of their portfolios.

Throughout the eight-week program, pupils have delved into a rich array of artistic disciplines, exploring everything from monoprinting and collograph to sculpting coral reefs with clay. They've even had the opportunity to design aerodynamic rocket launchers and refine their Photoshop skills to create stunning digital artwork. One highlight has been our collaborative art project, where pupils have come together to map out their identities through creativity. The level of engagement from our young participants has been truly inspiring, and their dedication has resulted in the creation of impressive portfolios documented in their sketchbooks. Our workshops were intentionally designed to provide students with exposure to the wealth of resources and equipment available within our department, with the aim of igniting their passion and uncovering new facets of their creativity. It's been immensely rewarding for our workshop leaders, who are teachers at the College, to witness the enthusiasm and talent displayed by our primary school collaborators. This collaboration not only benefits the students but also strengthens the bonds between our College and the primary schools within the SCEC (Southwark Community education Charity) partnership. It's been a joy to see the mutual exchange of ideas and expertise flourish in this environment. 

A girl and boy holding pieces of their artwork
Two girls holding pieces of their artwork

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