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Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award – Easter Training and Practice Expedition

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award – Easter Training and Practice Expedition

In the first week of the Easter break, the second half of our Year 10 cohort, comprised of 53 boys divided into eight groups, attended their Duke of Edinburgh Training and Practice camp in the Surrey Hills. After an initial briefing from their teachers and lead outdoor instructor, participants got into their groups and were introduced to an outdoor instructor who would work exclusively with each group to cover the skills required for a successful expedition.

On the first two days, groups spent their time erecting their tents (often in quite challengingly muddy conditions) as well as receiving training in campcraft, navigation, route-planning, emergency procedures, rucksack packing and food and kit advice. Although an undoubtedly steep learning curve for some, students engaged well and showed their fitness for long walks with heavy bags and their ability to absorb new information quickly.

On day three and four, all the groups were deemed capable of undertaking their Practice Expedition under the remote supervision of their instructors and teachers who checked their progress at various agreed points along the route and also once students arrived at camp. This involved hiking around 30km to a neighbouring campsite before continuing to a finish point the following day.

At the end of the Practice Expedition, all groups were debriefed by their instructors and deemed to have reached the standard required to undertake a Qualifying Expedition in the last week of the Summer Term. All participants are to be congratulated on successfully completing this part of their Duke of Edinburgh journey. 

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