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Charity Cake sale raises funds for The Uganda School Project (TUSP)

Charity Cake sale raises funds for The Uganda School Project (TUSP)

On Monday 25 March 2024, the Senior School held its inaugural Tutor Group Cookie Morning, raising funds for our Charity of the Year, The Uganda School Project (TUSP). Students contributed cookies and cakes and made a donation to support the work of TUSP. It was also an opportunity for students to watch a video compiled by Mr Trevor Llewelyn, a former Geography teacher and current Secretary of the Alleyn Club, highlighting his recent visit to Uganda where he witnessed first hand the work of TUSP.

“Having travelled to East Africa for the first time recently to see the work of TUSP, it was a real honour to be able to share my experience through the video that was broadcast across the school this morning. From speaking with the staff and students at Bumakenya Primary School it was obvious how much they appreciated the help that Dulwich has been able to offer… especially the porridge, which was mentioned in the video clip.This porridge was a reference to the building of the new kitchen which will give all students access to a hot meal every day” Mr Llewelyn.

Staff also provided cookies and cakes for the staff common room and contributed to donations that currently stands at over £1,500.

We were delighted to welcome Sean Richardson OA, TUSP's founder, and Cedric Sekweyama OA, who works closely with TUSP. Both Sean and Cedric visited many classes in the morning and joined staff in the common room during morning break.

Selection of cakes and biscuits


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