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Medical Services

The Dr Richard Penny Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is open from 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday term time and Saturdays for sports fixtures. It is staffed by a highly skilled and dedicated health care term consisting of four registered nurses, a medical centre assistant and administration support. All are also first aid trained.

The Medical Centre is always on hand and available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your son’s health and wellbeing. We are very much part of the whole school community and take an active role in the pastoral care of all the boys.

Primarily, the team provides the triage and treatment of a wide range of minor illness or injuries. Chronic disease such as anaphylaxis, asthma and diabetes is managed under the direction of Dr Rosemary Leonard, School Medical Officer and the team of GP’s at the Rosendale Surgery.

Nursing Services
  • Treatment for minor illness and injury both medical or sports related
  • Immediate response to accidents, providing first aid treatment and/or arranging transfer to A&E, Urgent Care centre or own GP
  • Implementing the International Rugby Board Concussion protocol and Return to play guidelines
  • Recognising and supporting emotional health and safeguarding concerns
  • Administration of homely remedies and prescription medication with parent consent
  • Contraception and sexual health advice including information on local community resources
Preventative Services
  • Coordinate with NHS School Immunisation Team to deliver the national immunisation programme for boys in Year 3, Year 9 and Year 11. The following link provides information on all these vaccines. As an exception, we do offer the BCG vaccine to all Year 9 boys. This is arranged with a private provider and offered on the College site.
  • Work with the College Wellbeing team to provide various health promotion activities throughout the school year. Often, boys assist us, which encourages full engagement and empowers them to make healthy choices for optimum wellbeing
Sporting Events
  • The Medical Centre is fully equipped and staffed to provide outstanding sports coverage. During the Michaelmas term on Saturdays two nurses are on duty and Doctors experienced in sports injuries are covering the touch line as well as paramedics being in attendance. The medical centre has close links with Kings College Hospital if there are any concerns regarding a sports injury. In the Lent term two nurses and a paramedic provide cover for the sports fixtures.
Our Boarders
  • All our boarders receive a medical during their first term at the College
  • They are offered the annual Influenza Vaccine as well as other routine vaccines recommended in the UK schedule.
  • Any boarder requiring hospital treatment either as an emergency or a planned visit will be accompanied by a member of the Medical Centre staff. We facilitate Dental and Optician appointments if needed as well as attendance for specialist outpatient appointments services such as Dermatology
  • The medical centre has a five bedded inpatient facility primarily for boarders who are unwell. The beds may also be used by day boys who are unwell and are awaiting collection by their parents.
  • Outside these hours, a 24 hour service is provided for boarding pupils who are unwell or injured and, if required, a nurse will stay overnight to care for them.
GP Services

Dr Rosemary Leonard from the Rosendale Practice and her colleagues provide a daily surgery Monday – Friday in the Medical Centre from 13:30-14:00. This surgery is primarily for the boarders who are registered with the Rosendale Practice but can in an emergency be accessed by day pupils and staff.

Counselling Services

A confidential counselling service is offered to pupils, staff and parents from Monday – Wednesday, 08:00-16:00. Pupils, staff and parents may access this service through the Medical Centre or directly via email

In-House Training

Coordinate in house training for first aid at work, paediatric first aid and defibrillation training.

  • All staff are offered annual training in the treatment of anaphylaxis with adrenaline injection pens, administering emergency asthma medication and managing a diabetic event
  • Boarding staff and staff responsible for trips are also trained in the administration of homely remedies



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