Operation Wallacea team receive Murray Foundation Award

Congratulations to Felix Swirsky and the Operation Wallacea team going to Ecuador and Galapagos this summer. They are the recipients of a £1000 Murray Foundation Award in recognition for their fundraising efforts. 

Introduction by Felix Swirsky

Over the past 6 years, Dulwich College has been given the opportunity by Operation Wallacea to venture out and explore the huge variety of nature found all over the world in a diversity of ecosystems that have left our students awed and amazed. This includes an astonishing trip into the jungles of Madagascar where one can find the world-famous lemurs and endemic chameleons along with a trip to Indonesia (pictured) in the Wallacean biogeographical region that is filled with some of the most vibrant of species. In 2018, we are embarking on our third journey into the jungles of Eastern Ecuador and the famous volcanic islands of Galapagos. With the help of the funding by the Murray Foundation Award, in combination with our fundraising efforts we believe we can make this experience just as, if not better, than the previous trips for our fellow peers. Currently, the group consists of 24 students from our Sixth Form who are planning to move on to study biology, medicine, geography and zoology at university. Our shared belief is that this trip can both educate us in preparation for some of various courses, along with giving us a wonderful opportunity that only a few privileged individuals will experience in their lifetime.

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