Boarders' Christmas Supper 2017

1st of December - a beautiful Friday which everyone was looking forward to; this amazing day was the Boarding Christmas supper. As a boarder, a long way from home (Sri Lanka), it was my first time I had been invited to a traditional 'Christmas supper' and I was excited to see what exactly this looked like! The moment we walked into the Great Hall, I felt as if it was already Christmas; happiness was overflowing and I took my seat next to Mr Scarisbrick and my friend Simon. I was so happy to see how teachers and students were sitting together, chatting and enjoying the event. It was so much fun to take part in a Christmas quiz and I felt blessed to be in such a celebration.

Following the supper, the vote of thanks was given by James, our House Captain, thanking the tutors and staff. Taking all the wonderful memories with me, we returned to our boarding house, ready to encounter more enjoyment. My boarding house looked so festive and I cannot stop myself from describing the amazing karaoke night; lights went out, and the karaoke was given a start by Dr Burbidge; many of us singing and clapping.  I sang a song in my language and after much enjoyment and excitement, it was time to end the celebrations and return to our rooms full of lovely memories.

Udula Perera (Year 12)

Boarders' Christmas Supper 2017


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