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Sixth Form Geographers enjoy lecture at the Royal Geographical Society

On Monday the 22 November Dr Nayeri took 15 Sixth Form Geographers, and one enthusiastic geographer from Year 11, to the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington to hear a fascinating talk by Lizzy Crotty on ‘Rewilding the Wild – lessons from Australia’. Lizzy Crotty works for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy which is the largest conservation NGO in Australia in terms of land it protects. This talk continued a series of talks hosted by and attended by GeogSoc on the theme of climate change and followed talks by Dr Lizzy Harnett and Paul Turner on sustainable finance and COP 26/ the climate emergency. This talk went into great detail regarding the dangers of the introduction of foreign species into Australia with the feral cat killing nearly 1.4 billion animals every year in the Australian bush. This talk is incredibly poignant off the back of COP26 and will undoubtedly continue to be a theme GeogSoc continues.

The trip was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Geography outside of school and we really enjoyed being together as a group of geographers at the RGS.

Max Meyohas (Year 12), GeogSoc President

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