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Community Action – West Norwood Cemetery

Three lunchtimes a week, a group of boys from Years 10-12 walk to West Norwood Cemetery to volunteer there with the Community Action programme.

Last term we mainly focused on litter picking but were surprised to discover a pleasing overall lack of litter. Understandably, many of the people who would usually be spending time on the cemetery benches are not currently doing so, and as a result the squirrels and foxes do not find as much in the bins to spread around the cemetery. The litter will undoubtedly pick up as the weather becomes warmer and people are out more again, but in the meantime we began this term with a new task: oak leaf collecting. Helen, the member of staff at the cemetery, informed us that oak leaves only take about six months to decompose, and turn into excellent leaf mould which she can then use as compost for planting. Blessed with a beautifully crisp, sunny day today, with gloves on our hands and two large bags to fill, we divided into two teams to see who could fill their bag the fastest. A little competitive spirit followed by plenty of teamwork meant the boys were able to drag two full bags back to the cemetery office before the walk back to school in the sunshine.  

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