Year 10 Spanish students enjoy virtual language exchange

During the final week of the Lent Term, Ms Clark’s group of 22 Year 10 Spanish students participated in a virtual language exchange with students from Kostka School, Santander.

Dulwich students were paired up with another boy in their groups (including some students joining remotely), placed into break-out rooms, and matched with pairs or threes of students from Kostka. Four adults representing Dulwich and four adults representing Kostka were also in the break-out rooms with the students to encourage interaction, although very little was required given the enthusiasm of the students.

The event was a first for the Spanish Department and we are proud of our students and what they achieved.

We look forward to organising more remote exchange events in the future, and improving further our students’ experience of interacting with not only students but also adults from abroad online.

Many thanks to Ms Clark, Ms Páramo, Mr Brown, Mr Doran, and Ms Barretta for helping to facilitate the event.

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