‘The British economy after Brexit’ a Cambridge Festival webinar

I recently attended the interactive Brexit webinar hosted by Professor Tony Cockerill in which we learnt about the British economy post Brexit. Ahead of the seminar we researched topics connected to Brexit and created a presentation in groups where we presented our ideas in front of a panel of experts. The presentation would then provoke conversation amongst the panel who would expand on the ideas pupils had discussed and provide further information on the respective topics.

Working in pairs with several students from St Saviour's & St Olave's School and Kingsdale Foundation School, we were tasked with answering a question on productivity. I really enjoyed working with students from other schools as we had been taught slightly differently and could each answer the question from different angles. After discussing the question for an hour, we then created a presentation to present to the panel of experts.

On the day of the presentation, we were sent a talk from Professor Cockerill which gave a highly detailed analysis on the status of the economy post Brexit. Once the webinar started and after a brief introduction from the panel and Professor Cockerill, we listened to presentations from the other groups on their topics and then observed as the panel went into further detail on each issue that the groups presented.

Overall, the entire seminar was thoroughly educational, fun, and interactive. I enjoyed the collaboration with other schools and the opportunity to learn from a highly immersive lecture given by Professor Cockerill, which provided extraordinary detail. It delivered the correct recipe for a brilliant seminar - I believe everyone left having had an enjoyable time and learning something new.

Harry Seward, Year 12

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