Oliver Lam-Watson - OA Story

Oliver Lam-Watson OA (06-11) was born with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS), a condition that prevents Oliver weight bearing or straightening his left leg. After training to be an Architect for six years, Oliver took the decision to change direction and explore the limits of what was possible with his condition as well as tackling the way people viewed disability.

‘’The biggest challenge was not my leg or the fact that I could not walk but society’s perception of me and what I was capable of. Four years ago I was told I would never be an athlete, so if you are young and having a tough time: I get it, that was me too. I encourage you to dream big, make every moment count, and don’t listen when they tell you to ‘take it easy, play it safe’…’’

Having been challenged by a doctor to find a ‘real sport’ and not just the ‘Spartan’ obstacle course races he had been entering, Oliver took up wheel chair fencing and within five months had represented Great Britain. In a very short space of time since then he has competed in seven World Cups, a European Championship and won a Bronze medal in the Team Epee in World Championships in Korea in 2019.

Oliver travels to Tokyo 2020 as one of four wheelchair athletes in the British Team.   

The Wheelchair events at the Paralympics take place between Wednesday 25 August and Sunday 29 August and you can listen to an in depth interview with Oliver as part of the OA Stories podcast.



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