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Creative Hub: Who is Jadé Fadojutimi?

We were thrilled to welcome the painter Jade Fadojutimi to the first of our talks for the Creative Hub this year, Who is Jadé Fadojutimi?… exploring identity through the lens of Britain’s painting protégée. The webinar was very well attended by boys at the College as well as our friends from the Southwark Schools Learning Partnership and the Art History Link Up programme.

Jadé is one of Britain’s most exciting young artists – at just 27, she is the youngest person in the collection of the Tate. She studied at Slade and completed her MFA at the Royal College in 2017, the same year of her first solo show at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery London. Exploring a complex emotional landscape, Jadé’s colourful paintings are explorations and negotiations of identity. Using the canvas as a sounding board, she grapples with memories of everyday experiences, both good and bad. Her paintings sit somewhere between figuration and abstraction, attempts to create a form of reality which is parallel to but separate from the real world.

The talk was followed by a lively Q&A session, panelled by Zachy Fleming in Year 8, Daniel Pinkney in Year 11 and Emillio Nunzi in Year 12, as well as Florence Wolter from Safron Waldron County High School and Mimi-Rose Fyne at Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College. The panel discussion touched upon the endless opportunities of painting, the influence of Japan on her work, and the role which music plays in guiding a painting. 

News story by Georgia Mackie

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