Adding to History - Dulwich College Black History Month

‘Adding to History’ is at the heart of Black History Month at the College. As a community we are committed to begin exploring, finding out, thinking about and reflecting on the hidden, forgotten and emerging people and events that are central to Black History. The opening assembly led by Dr Spence and including the many voices of pupils and teachers helped us reflect and think about how Black History is all our history. How social injustices do need addressed and how we can all work together towards a world where there is no longer a need for a month. We can all make an impact, be part of the new stories emerging and build on the change that is necessary.

We look forward to learning together, discussing and debating and importantly shining a spotlight on some of the issues and successes, celebrating and collectively moving forward in our quest to continue ‘Adding to History’.

Adding to History - Dulwich College Black History Month programme

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