Sameer's perspective on Chemistry pre-A level

The Chemistry pre-A-level course over the past few weeks has allowed us to consolidate our understanding of key GCSE topics as well as prepare for the jump to A level. For the first three weeks we focused on Organic Chemistry - from alkanes and alkenes to esters and polymers. The lessons involve a short explanation given by our teacher before we do practice questions by ourselves. Our teacher Mrs O’Keeffe has also given us engaging activities which test our chemistry knowledge as well as our creativity, switching up the flow of lessons. For example, when learning about primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols, I enjoyed using household objects to create models showcasing all the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms of different isomers of Butanol. We have also been challenged to conduct a Chemistry experiment at home such as making a Lava Lamp or hot ice, remaining aware of all the risks involved in carrying out these procedures.

Sameer Khalil (Year 11)

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