Middle School House Art 2020

‘Synthesis’ Middle School House Art 2020 (briefly interrupted by the lockdown measures) is back on track and we are delighted to present the eclectic range of work that continues to impress across all year groups. Please click on the link to enjoy a montage of all winning entries.



Art plays a vital role as a vehicle for communication, protest and expression whilst also a source of wellbeing and reflection; never more so than during these challenging times.  

Art does not show people what to do yet engaging with a good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling may spur thinking, engagement, and even action.’ Olafur Eliasson 

This range is demonstrated in the diverse entries by Middle School artists and after much deliberation we unanimously agreed our winners.  

Matt Muldoon (11C) and Timur Safardiar (11C)were worthy first place joint winners taking the theme of ‘Synthesis’ in very different directions. Timur explored complex structures and themes of identity. Taking shards of metal, playing cards and sentimental objects he recreated the planes of the face to produce a true to form striking sculpture that took much inspiration from the work of Paolozzi’s computer head series.  

Matt’s pseudo-scientific experiments investigated essential qualities, paying great attention to detail and change over time. His accompanying video is comprised of many layers, each with its own perspective and including sequential images as ink interacts with water. Both pupil’s required combinations of components to form a complex single piece of work.  

Sculpture submissions took joint second place and demonstrated a range of challenging techniques.  

Daniel Pinkney’s (10G) resin series with submerged fallen leaves and debris floating capture a moment in time forever frozen. Michael Wong (11G) brought together drawing and sculpture to produce his intricate assemblages, at first glance the faces appear like photocopies but on close inspection reveal detail pencil drawings executed with skill and sensitivity.  

A very close call for third place and difficult to separate are the sublime painted entries from Emilio Nunzi (11N) and Felix Peck (9M). Emilio’s mysterious ‘girl’s’ emerging from dark water hold your gaze. Felix’s ‘football’ painting on ripped and layered cardboard demonstrated how the everyday can be a source of inspiration to the imaginative mind of the artist.   

Congratulations to Sidney our overall House winners and a huge thanks goes out to all the pupils for your efforts and entries; your contribution is greatly appreciated and made ‘Synthesis’ one of the most hard-fought House Art competitions in recent years. The art department are inspired by your creative efforts; you did yourselves and us proud and continue to impress from home.  

Please do continue to share and send in photos of your works in progress during the lockdown period. 

House winners: 1st Sidney, 2nd Raleigh, 3rd Grenville, 4th Spenser & Drake, 6th Jonson & Howard, 8th Marlowe. 

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