Drama Department and the SSLP welcome Ekow Quartey (OA) to exclusive webinar

“I’ve played a dog, a mermaid, a wrestler, a school kid, a tiger, a headteacher, a politician, an office worker, a postman, a soldier and now a King. So when your parents and teachers tell you ‘you can be anything’ they’re pretty much telling you to become an actor.” Ekow Quartey.

Ekow Quartey (OA) performs in Macbeth

The Drama Department and the SSLP were delighted and proud to welcome Ekow Quartey (OA) to an exclusive webinar to talk about performing the role of Macbeth in the recent Globe Playing Shakespeare Production. Quartey is fast becoming one of Britain’s leading young actors and he offered terrific insight into the process of developing the character and the experience of performing in front of a Globe audience where you can see everybody’s faces and reactions; terrifying and thrilling in equal measure! He also shared the experience of the shock of the announcement of lockdown while in the middle of a British Sign Language rehearsal with the wonderfully talented actor Becky Barry who would be involved with forthcoming performances for the deaf and hard of hearing, and his delight at having the opportunity to stage this version, immersing her as another weird sister, at least once. Mr Matt Jessup and Mr Ben May, (Leader of Creative Arts at Compass School in Bermondsey) steered the questions and they were joined on the panel by Year 13 student Louis Rudnicki who worked with Ekow while preparing for his performance in the Edward Alleyn Theatre. As a coda to a terrific afternoon, Quartey also offered an exclusive anecdote about his time on set as a 12 year old in the Harry Potter film Prisoner of Azkaban. If you know you know... We look forward to seeing him back on stage and on our screens again soon.

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