Diggin’ Deep

Diggin’ Deep

Year 12 presented their Devised Original Drama 'Diggin' Deep' in the Edward Alleyn Theatre to great acclaim. 
Using Louis Sachar’s iconic novel as a starting point they conjured a witty and magical piece about delinquency, digging and dreaming. 

Holes is a playful, provocative and moving portrait of disaffected youth and oppressive guards set in the American Deep South and their original piece depicted many of the familiar tropes of antagonism and distance between guard and prisoner while also exploring the disillusionment and disaffection in the lives of both. They are characters confined to repetition, mundane routine and all have the desire to be somewhere else.

By incorporating many of the key features of their chosen practitioner, Kneehigh including ensemble playing, dancing, singing and circus to present their tale, the performers skilfully conveyed the tumble-weed, hill-billy world.

Right from the down beat of the Hoedown we were transported to the heat and oppression of the Deep South, and while we laughed at the antics of the inmates, delighted in the flashback circus showmanship of the courtroom antics and were left provoked by the backstories delivered directly to us through the fourth wall, we were also moved by a magical sequence where the boys conjured alternative lives of champagne filled bath tubs, the glittering Manhattan skyline, movie stars and poignant fantasies of home and escape. 

Bravo to all for a great piece.

Production photos: Hal Howe (Year 12)

Diggin' Deep

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