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Advanced Electives

In addition to core A Level subjects, all students in the Remove (Year 12) follow a programme of Advanced Electives. These are bespoke, ten-week courses designed by teachers at Dulwich College, JAGS and Sydenham High School which inspire a genuine love of learning beyond exam curricula. 

The Advanced Electives form a core part of the free learning ethos at Dulwich. We believe in preparing students for 21st century life by developing courses that are truly interdisciplinary, that straddle boundaries between academic, practical and emotional intelligence and which encourage students to think independently.

There are almost 50 courses to choose from that fit broadly into the arts, sciences, humanities, languages and social sciences. A few examples of courses include:

  • Astrophysics
  • 21st century geopolitics
  • Literature and culture decolonised
  • Casting and mould making
  • Law
  • Medicine

Dr Cyrus Golding
Head of Geography and Head of Advanced Electives

Advanced Electives graphic


Students attend Art workshop

The Advanced Electives provide Dulwich students the opportunity to learn together with Year 12s from JAGS and Sydenham High School in a manner which replicates the seminar-style, independent learning of universities and tertiary education. The lack of examination, characteristic of all courses, encourages freedom of thought and intellectual risk-taking.

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