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A Level Plus

In addition to their chosen A level subjects, all boys will follow an ‘A Level Plus’ programme in the Remove year (Year 12). Boys will choose two courses over three terms that provide an opportunity for them to fire their enthusiasm, and become experts in areas that lie just beyond the reach of the normal curriculum. The A Level Plus block will enable boys to take courses that complement their subject choices and deepen their knowledge, often to near-undergraduate level. Courses are designed to introduce boys to the subjects they want to study at university and the professions they might pursue afterwards, providing the opportunity for them to see how their chosen subject relates to the wider world. Many courses are interdisciplinary in nature, involving, for example, Art, Literature, Music and History being studied in unison. All courses will explore an area of study in more depth than standard A level courses and many will provide opportunities for boys to participate in competitions, such as the Weizmann Safecracking Competition in the Engineering course, or Target 2.0 in the Finance course. These courses have been designed by Dulwich teachers and reflect their interest, enthusiasm and expertise.

A Level Plus – Extension Courses: Titles and Course Descriptors 2021

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