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Free Learning

Free Learning is education for education’s sake. It is learning that extends beyond and is free from a syllabus and free from examination, and that challenges pupils to think for themselves.

We go outside of our normal classroom routines and give students opportunities to learn more about the wider world with freedom and choice over what they want to learn and discover Rosie Northcott, Assistant Head Co-curricular

… not only textbook knowledge but also real-life application and a bridge between secondary school and university Matthew, Year 12

Free Learning is multifaceted education that goes beyond the syllabus. It enriches and nurtures intellectual curiosity. For pupils it provides strong foundations for a lifelong love of independent learning. Interdisciplinary in its very nature, it stimulates light bulb moments and creative connection making. At its best, Free Learning marries academic and emotional intelligence in equal measure, and weaves into many aspects of school life, in the classrooms to the lecture theatre, and through clubs and societies and events, including those with our wider partnership programmes.

Multifaceted learning

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