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“Research for my PHD in Science and Technology policy draws directly on what I learned from A level Theatre Studies”
Andrew Hunter (OA 95 - 02) |ESRC PhD Candidate, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex

"Meeting such a respected practitioner was a fantastic opportunity to gain unique and invaluable insight into the process of creating and developing character. It also provided a clear vision of the rehearsal process and the importance of shaping your own dramatic intentions for an audience."
Angus Imrie (OA 01-12) | Josh Archer in BBC Radio 4's 'The Archers'

Independent learning through having an idea, thinking it through, and lending it creative shape and form is at the heart of all activity in the Edward Alleyn Theatre.

Through the practice of drama the boys develop confidence and self-expression while exploring the ideas that shape the world in which we live. Our aim is to imbue all of our pupils with an appreciation of theatre both as practitioners and audience.

At any time the theatre is a hive of activity where boys are encouraged to be fearless and experimental with new performance concepts and ideas, fostering their instinct to play and invent.

Drama & Theatre Studies is a popular subject at at AS and A2 and boys’ production work is regularly referred to by external moderators as being of the highest dramatic order.

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