Artist-in-resident programme

As part of our ongoing residency programme, workshops and talks are opened to all our students as well as the wider community and our partnership schools.

We start with the artwork, the installation, the performance and then introduce the artist. We encourage the students from the very first instance to react, question and engage with the visceral experience of standing in front of, or in the case of ‘Interview – prototype’ within the fully immersive performing installation. Our residencies are a way of supporting new and emerging artists as much as engaging our students in the first-hand experience of viewing artworks which are site specific. Further residencies have included Luc Nonga’s haunting paintings and mixed media sculptures as part of ‘In Transit’, an exhibition exploring issues around migration, which not only keeps us in tune with the zeitgeist, but also provided an artistic hub for Dulwich Linguistic, Anita Kontrec with her interactive ‘Houses and Dreams’ exploring concepts and conditions of refugee status and where home is in a world of transient states.

Our resident artist program has also welcomed Harrison PearceInterview Prototype.

"‘Interview (prototype)’ is as beautiful as one of Brancusi’s semi-abstract forms, and as unpleasant as one of Giacometti’s `Disagreeable Objects’."

Read the full review of Pearce’s show in the Store ‘Conflicting Forces of Desire and Menace’ by Richard Dorment.

More recently we presented ‘Evolving Spaces’ in our contemporary creative space ‘The Store’- a former disused pump house – which has been given a new lease of life over the past four years as a creative hub for art, performance and music. Tried and tested beyond its limits by the creatives, and having already housed no less than 25 events over this time, alma-nac an award-winning London-based design studio, has now moved in and explored it through the lens of an architect. Tristan Wigfall OA and his partners fell in love with the space and the idea of how it could be developed without losing its ‘rough magic’. They invited students and visitors to have their say and experience how spaces can be evolved rather than replaced, disposed of or misused.

"This show highlighted the whole architectural process, you could see the conceptual projects right through to the final product. The layout was not only clear but you could see so much that went on behind the scenes, the context, the process and the talking point at the end through forum. The unconventional way of displaying work sparked conversations about space, this allowed you to move through the exhibition and go along with the journey. The Store itself is tucked away but the show was like a clam with a pearl inside, a hidden gem, with an unassuming exterior." Year 13 Student

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Mrs Mary-Jo Doherty MA(RCA)

Head of Art