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"Art is more than just an academic subject; it is a way of life"

It allows us not only to think for ourselves, but also to feel for ourselves. Art was the first means of communication and it remains universal. Art connects us with the rest of the world and connects us with ourselves.

At Dulwich College, we are not necessarily in the business of turning every student into a professional artist. Instead, we endeavour to instil a life-long love, respect and understanding of the arts as a whole. We strive to ensure our challenging curriculum and diverse co-curricular and enrichment opportunities appeal to the wide range of students who come into our care. We believe art allows students to go on a journey into unknown territories, to discover a passion and niche within the world of cultural possibility, in turn helping them to gain confidence in their ability to create, take risks and problem solve.

"The arts define our culture our identity and our national conversation" Sir Peter Bazalgette OA

Mrs Mary-Jo Doherty MA(RCA)

Head of Art

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