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Union of Societies

The Union is an umbrella organisation that co-ordinates over 50 active clubs and societies within the College. These clubs represent much of what is best about Dulwich - enthusiasm, diversity, innovation - and provide a forum for pupils of all ages to come together and share their interests and ideas.

An eclectic choice

Some of the societies meet to explore further academic subjects such as Economics, English Literature and History; other gather to develop their interests beyond the curriculum, such as Football Debating Society, Chess and Astronomy Society. Some are keen to sharpen their awareness within the College community of social issues, such as Climate Change Society, African Caribbean Society and Francophone Society. Society meetings usually at lunch times or after school and often with visiting speakers, eminent in their field, including politicians, historians, poets and musicians.

Clubs run by and for pupils

Although members of staff are actively involved to support in planning and organising events, many of the societies are run by the pupils for the pupils: they remain the driving force. Pupils are encouraged to initiate new societies if they find a gap in the current available programme. Many societies have become an integral part of College life, with pupils playing a role far beyond the confines of a weekly meeting. For example, Chemistry Extension Club and Debating both have College teams regularly take part in national and international competitions.

Union Fair

Early in the Michaelmas term we hold the annual Union Fair in the Auditorium in the Laboratory. This gives an opportunity for pupils new to the College to visit the stands and talk to representatives of the Union’s many societies. There are also Union meetings which take place twice every term. These are chaired by the President of the Union and the Secretary, a Senior Prefect. A new Union Secretary is elected annually from candidates in Year 12.

We are much indebted to the Friends of Dulwich College who regularly provide grants for these clubs. Recently, the Dulwich Mechanic society was given a generous grant to help purchase resources it needed to found the society.

Society Name
African and Caribbean Society
Art Soc
Astronomy Society
Aviation Society
BioMed Soc
Brew Soc (Brueri Alleyniensis)
CAPS Club (Chemistry Advanced Problem-Solving Club)
Chameleon Creative Writers
Chem Extension
Chess Club
Chinese Society
Christian Union
Classics Society
Climate Change Society
Coding Society
Computer Science Extension Society
Debating Society
Dilettantes Society
Dismantling Society
Economics Society
Engineers Club
F1 Society
Football Debating Society
Francophone Society
Geography Society
Gothic Society
History Society
Italian Society
Junior Doctor Club
Language and Culture Society
Law Society
LGBTQ+ Society
LitSoc (Literary Society)
Medical Research Group
Middle School Hispanic Film Club
Middle School History Society
Middle School Maths Enrichment
Model United Nations
Philosophy Circle
Physics Society
Polemic Society
Politics Society
Read, Cake, Debate
The RS Gym
Upper Case Creative Writers
Upper School Film Club
Warhammer Society
Word of Mouth Book Club
Young Entrepreneurs Society
Yu-Gi-Oh Society

Discover More

Mr Jacques Brown

Union President


Union Fair 2023 in the Auditorium Piazza

On a sunny Friday, September 15 2023, the Dulwich College Union Fair brought an explosion of creativity and camaraderie to campus during the lunch break. The College's Auditorium, transformed into a hub of enthusiasm and exploration, was where 65 student-led societies showcased their passions, marking a thrilling beginning to the academic year.

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