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Union of Societies

The Union is an umbrella organisation that co-ordinates over 50 active clubs and societies within the College. These clubs represent much of what is best about Dulwich - enthusiasm, diversity, innovation - and provide a forum for boys of all ages to come together to share their interests and ideas.

Some societies meet to explore academic subjects further, such as Economics, English Literature and History, while others focus on hobbies and interests beyond the curriculum, including Football Debating Society and Anime Society. A number of clubs have been set up to campaign and develop awareness within the College community around social issues, such as Climate Change Society, Race Activism Society and Francophone Society. Although members of staff are actively involved, many of the societies are run by the boys for the boys; they remain the driving force. 

Societies usually meet at lunchtimes or after school and often attract visiting speakers, eminent in their field, including politicians, historians, poets and musicians. With Covid restrictions in place, the Union has also moved to online meetings which has given us the opportunity to set up new partnerships and host events involving students from other Dulwich Foundation Schools.   

We are much indebted to the Friends of Dulwich College who regularly provide grants for the clubs. The Dulwich Mechanic Society, for example, recently received a grant to help purchase resources it needed to establish the society. 

Many of the societies have become an integral part of College life, with boys playing a role far beyond the confines of a weekly meeting. Chess comes into this category as does Debating. College teams regularly take part in national and international competitions.

Full Union meetings take place twice every term. These meetings are chaired by the President of the Union and the Secretary, a senior prefect. A new Union Secretary is elected annually from candidates in Year 12.

Early in the Michaelmas term we hold the annual Union Fair in the South Cloisters. This gives an opportunity for boys new to the College to visit the stands and talk to representatives of the Union’s many societies.

Active Clubs and Societies
African and Caribbean Society 
Anime Society 
Art, Architecture and Culture Society 
Aspiring Engineers Society 
Backend Engineering API Coding society 
BioMedical Society 
Chemistry Advanced Problem Solving (CAPS) 
Chemistry Advanced Problem Solving 
Chemistry Extension Club 
Chemistry Extension Club 
Chinese Society 
Classics Society 
Climate Change Society 
Coding Society 
Debating Society 
Dilettantes Society 
Dungeons and Dragons Society 
Economics Society 
Engineers Club 
Film Society 
Football Debating Society 
Francophone Society 
Geography Society  
History Society 
Junior Doctor Club 
Languages and Cultures Society 
Law Society 
Middle School History Society 
Migration Society 
Politics Society 
Project Engineering Society 
Race Activism 
South Asia Society 
The Philosophy Circle 

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Miss Chloe Wang

Union President


Slide from Eva Peron talk

On Thursday 11 February, Will Lord delivered a fascinating talk on the life and impact of Eva Perón – the latest instalment of what has been a busy half term for MFL Society.

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