Trips and Expeditions

Residential trips for GCSE and Sixth Form students provide intensive and memorable experiences with an immersive Art-based agenda at their heart. Year 10 spend 4 days in St Ives, Cornwall during Easter and we alternate European, (most recently, Berlin) and New York trips for Upper School students.

Below are extracts from the most recent trip reports:

The Berlin Art Trip - ‘Unapologetic.’

Berlin’s art scene is unapologetic. It is confrontational, yet both kind and practical, and provided the 24 Upper School Art students with a full-on widescreen snapshot of the city’s creative spirit and energy. The Hamburger Bahnhof blasted the boys’ heads with themes of concrete deserts, soullessness and freedom of expression. The fractured, disorientating maze of The Jewish Museum revealed its secrets through human atrocity and survival via entangled paths that crisscrossed and collided. An afternoon weaving along Potsdammer Strasse introduced us to the underbelly of the German gallery scene with its independent and commercial spaces. Yet it was the incredible Boros Collection in the Bunker that built the strongest memories, best summed up by the following student comment, “Unapologetic, in your face, edgy, raw, downright disturbing, social realism, feminist yet misogynist (is that possible?) resonating, ‘bad-ass’, ripped, torn, bent, high art, low art and everything in between, I’m tired, but it’s a good tired… I now need to let things settle in my brain and reflect.”

Tate St. Ives Trip

The philosophy for our St. Ives adventure was to take students on a journey from realism to abstraction, and to experience the creative process as an artist on location. Learning beyond the classroom while immersing ourselves (and that includes the teachers) in the landscape, reinvigorates, challenges, engages and helps nurture a life-long love of the arts we want all our students to develop. The weather was kind and the landscape of Cornwall provided a stunning backdrop for Dulwich boys to absorb themselves via their sketchbooks, drawing the rugged cliffs, mesmerising seascapes and delightful details that could be found in and around the town. Barbara Hepworth’s Museum and Sculpture Garden was a beautiful experience as students responded to an array of her work in the bliss and serenity of the gardens and the St. Ives School of painting, originally founded by Leonard Fuller OA and Dulwich College Drawing Master, offered us an excellent workshop arming boys with the St. Ives legacy as we took to the hills again. After two days the boys’ sketchbooks were already bursting full of expressive landscapes,

“I don’t think my shapes are formed because of the wear and tear of the elements. I think they are more the sort of forms which express my fundamental sensitivity to my position in the landscape….A landscape to me hardly exists without a human being in it.”
Barbara Hepworth

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