Back to the drawing board

Our teaching is underpinned by core skills; draughtsmanship is crucial, as great ideas cannot come to fruition without the technical knowledge and ability to carry through a concept or visual idea. All work in the Art Department has observation as its starting point and we believe the importance of drawing through observation cannot be overstated.

It is our reward to see a boy persevere with the exploration of materials and realise their intentions in technicolour. Boys at Dulwich are unbound by the media they choose, producing outcomes which encompass film, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and performance. Whilst embracing new technologies, we never lose sight of old skills and traditional art practice.

There are ample opportunities for boys to develop their work during timetabled lessons, and students are encouraged to use the department in their free time, either to enhance existing projects or to develop new ideas. The department is well-equipped and the teachers are always available to help students progress their creativity. There are three societies “Click”, “Make” and “Draw” which meet in the department, as well as a weekly Lower School ceramics club.

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