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The Combined Cadet Force is a thriving co-curricular organisation for boys at Dulwich College. The CCF provides a framework through which the boys can develop qualities of endurance, resourcefulness, self-reliance, responsibility and leadership. It also aims to engender a sense of public service. The contingent at Dulwich has a ‘section’ from each of the three services: Army, Navy and RAF.

Voluntary membership

Membership of the CCF is voluntary with boys joining from Year 9. Boys choose the section that most appeals to them and then take part in activities appropriate to that service. We have parade evenings, when we cover the training syllabus, for all boys after school on Tuesdays.

Camps and training courses

In addition to the weekly training at the College, we take the boys away on camps. During term time we organise one or two weekends away while longer camps are organised during the holidays. As well as the UK based camps and visits, there are many opportunities for boys to travel abroad including the Arctic Circle in North Sweden, France and North Africa. Senior boys are also offered the chance to go on specialist courses during which they can experience the very best CCF military and adventurous training.


The Contingent is directed and managed by a dedicated team consisting of teaching staff who have been commissioned into the forces with officer status and trained specifically to serve the cadet force. We also have our own full-time School Instructor, a former Coldstream Guards CSgt. In addition to our own CCF officers we are routinely visited by regular forces personnel.

After Dulwich

Several of our senior boys have been awarded Sixth Form Scholarships, University Scholarships and Bursaries from the Services. As members of the CCF boys will be presented with opportunities, training and experiences that go beyond the norm.

Discover More

Captain Jon Fox

Contingent Commander

Lieutenant Olivia Berriff

Head of the Royal Navy Section

Captain Scott Swalwell

Head of the Army Section and School Staff Instructor

Flight Lieutenant Emily Rutter

Head of the RAF Section