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Religion and Philosophy

Religion and Philosophy explore spiritual ideas and fundamental questions that have shaped the major civilizations of the world. Through an exploration of different belief systems, moral values and philosophical argument, students will discover how thinkers through the ages have addressed the great questions of life: why am I here, how should I behave, and is there anything more than this life? As an academic department, no one particular faith perspective is assumed, but rather through study and debate, an enriching understanding and analysis of a variety of world views is gained.


Religion and Philosophy is compulsory up to Year 9, with many students opting to continue to iGCSE, A level and beyond. The Lower School curriculum explores major world religions through their founders, systems of ethics and beliefs about life after death, and how religion impacts society. During Year 9, students study a variety of topics pertaining to religion and philosophy, such as the rise of spirituality and cults, arguments for and against the existence of God, and moral philosophy. In opting to continue to iGCSE, students will explore ethical and philosophical topics from religious and non-religious perspectives, including peace and conflict, matters of life and death, and equality and injustice. We offer two discrete A level options: Religious Studies, including philosophy of religion, ethics and developments in Christian thought, and Philosophy, including epistemology, moral philosophy, and metaphysics.

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Ms Chrissy Malacrida

Head of Religion and Philosophy

Religion and Philosophy @ A Level, a guide for boys