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Religion and Philosophy

Religion and Theology explores the spiritual ideas and moral values that have shaped the major civilizations of the world. Through an exploration of the principal faiths, the boys discover how thinkers through the ages have addressed the great questions of life: what is the world, how did it come into existence and what is my relationship to it? The idea is not to adopt any particular faith perspective but, through study and debate, to engage with these fascinating and fundamental questions that broaden the view and enrich the lives of the individual

Religion and Theology is compulsory up to Year 9, with many students opting to continue studying to GCSE, A level and beyond. The Lower School curriculum concentrates on the major world religions (Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism in Year 7; Christianity, Judaism and Islam in Year 8). In Year 9 pupils study various topics including conflict in Israel/Palestine, religion and literature and an introduction to the philosophy of religion. At GCSE students examine the ethics, philosophy and theology of two different world faiths, and at A level boys can choose one of two discreet subjects, either: Religious Studies studying Christian thought, religious ethics and the philosophy of religion, or Philosophy where epistemology, moral philosophy and the philosophy of mind and metaphysics of God are investigated.

Classroom study is complemented with a specialist, up-to-date department library, regular trips to subject conferences, excursions to places of worship and art galleries, debates and talks from outside speakers.

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Ms Chrissy Malacrida

Head of Religion and Philosophy

Religion and Philosophy @ A Level, a guide for boys