As we move into unchartered geopolitical waters there has arguably never been a more important time to study the way in which we are governed both here in the UK and across the Atlantic. It is certainly both an honour and a responsibility for the Politics Department to convey the key historical and ideological developments that led to the dramatic electoral results of 2017.

At Dulwich, Government & Politics is offered in the Upper School, allowing students to develop a more informed, mature and balanced picture of how governance operates in the UK and the USA and of the political forces that have delivered our respective constitutional settlements.

Topics studied in detail include:

  • Government and politics of The UK
  • Government and politics of the USA and comparative politics
  • Political ideas

The Edexcel specification that we will follow from September 2017 requires that students undertake an in depth study of UK and USA government and politics. Therefore, boys will be required to identify parallels, connections, similarities and differences between aspects of both of our political systems and environments. We will ensure that students develop a critical awareness of the changing nature of politics and the relationships between political ideas, political institutions and political processes.

The department regularly welcomes expert visiting speakers from a range of political backgrounds. Students undertake original research, give presentations, and use ICT extensively as part of the course. Students augment their wider learning through a range of essay competitions, conferences and trips every year, alongside weekly meetings of a thriving Politics Society. The subject is increasingly popular with Upper School students and provides an excellent grounding for degree courses such as PPE, HSPS, Politics, International Relations, Sociology and Journalism.

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Mr Sam Cleary BSc

Head of Politics