“The past is another country”. It is there to be explored and in that exploration we discover much about ourselves. Through thoughtful and imaginative enquiry, we broaden and develop our understanding not just of the past but of the present and, in its turn, the future. This knowledge allows us to gain both insight and an enduring interest into who we are, where we come from and what we can achieve.

Our exploration takes us beyond the classroom with visits to sites of historical significance such as the First World War battlefields as part of the IGCSE course and trips to key European capitals such as Berlin, Vienna and Budapest as part of the Advanced level course. Sixth formers also have an annual Summer Reading Party. In addition, we have the resources of the Dulwich College Archive with its treasure-trove of historic documents which are regularly made available for study.

The History Society organises local visits, welcomes outside speakers and publishes a magazine to which pupils and staff both contribute. Books remain our chief resource, but we have also built up a huge library of online video material which is accessed via the College intranet.

Ultimately the questions we ask are not only What? but Why? and So What? Being at the heart of the “humanities” we try to discover what makes people - and peoples - tick: an exploration worth undertaking.

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Mr Colm Ó Siochrú MA MPhil

Head of History