Geography is concerned with the world around us: what shapes it, what sustains it and what influence we have upon it.

The subject is therefore highly relevant to some of the most topical issues of the day, from earthquakes and climate change, to the exploitation of finite natural resources and global population growth. Geography is about what is happening to us, now. Among other issues covered at GCSE and beyond are urban deprivation, global inequalities in levels of development, GIS, changing global power structures and biodiversity under threat. There is no better context within which to study our world and gain an understanding of the larger forces that influence our lives.

Work in the classroom is supported by numerous field trips (Brighton and Dorset) enabling the boys to witness and experience, first-hand, the significance of Geography in the real world. Recent expeditions have taken place to Slovenia, Sicily and Cuba.

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Mr Matthew Poynter BA

Head of Geography