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Since the College was founded by the actor and impresario Edward Alleyn, a contemporary of William Shakespeare, it is no surprise that drama has always been a vital part of our school life. Alleyn understood the importance of theatre not just to entertain but to enlighten.

The study of drama allows us to explore the ideas that shape the world around us while the practice of theatre, through performance or stage craft, helps the individual to develop poise, confidence and expression.

Drama is offered within the curriculum to the end of Year 9 and thereafter at GCSE and Advanced level. Beyond the classroom, our purpose-built theatre, which sees some 50 or more theatrical events a year, provides all the facilities needed to gain experience in every aspect of production from sound and lighting to directing, design and, of course, acting. A remarkably high number of our pupils go on to careers in the performing arts while the value of Drama and Theatre Studies at A level, as a means of developing important life-skills, is recognised by higher education establishments and employers alike.

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Mr Peter Jolly BA DipRSA (OA)

Director of Drama

Ms Kathryn Norton-Smith BA

Head of Academic Drama