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Design and Technology

The Design and Technology department offers an invigorating, challenging and exciting experience for pupils of all ages. Creativity and imagination remains at the core of the subject and lessons are of interest and relevance so pupils are motivated to complete projects to a high standard, bringing both form and function together to produce impressive and useful products.

Boys develop their confidence and a wide range of skills in Design and Engineering through a range of projects. In their first years the emphasis is on the development of key design skills as they grow in confidence and creativity. Later on, they are able to tackle more complex tasks involving a variety of media from the more traditional materials to electronics and computer-aided design and manufacture. Whilst still maintaining the importance of traditional crafts of woodwork and metalwork we are a forward thinking department embracing the changes of syllabus at GCSE and A level, and boys are expected to have significant knowledge of the new technologies helping to broaden their horizons of design in the real world. All studying at GCSE will learn the core content before moving into their specialist area of Electronics or Resistant Materials in Year 11. There are opportunities for boys to design and make products that solve genuine problems within different contexts whilst considering their own and others’ needs. It is a subject that compliments so many others, and is often invaluable to their skill set.

The department has five workshops and two computer suites, where boys can use the very latest software for Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, and we have a number of 3D printing machines which are proving invaluable for prototyping and scale modelling at GCSE and A level whilst also being used in the Lower School for technologically relevant and engaging projects. Our extensive design and technology facilities allow for a wide range of activities both as part of the curriculum and for extended projects out of school hours, as seen with Engineering Club. Boys have their first experiences of Design and Technology as a specialism from age 7, and can continue their journey right through to A level. We have many inspired young designers that take their studies to GCSE, A Level, and to university to ultimately pursue careers in design, architecture and the various branches of engineering.

We are continually building links with other schools, product designers and engineers to ensure we are at the cutting edge of teaching this inspirational subject. Boys are encouraged to participate widely in local and national competitions while liaising with our many associates in industry to gain experience of design and technology in action.

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Mr James Humphrey BA

Head of Design & Technology