Art at Dulwich College encourages all pupils to be curious, courageous and original. In doing so it enlivens and complements the academic life of the College in a way that exists beyond the art studios. At the forefront, we strive to secure academic excellence and have developed strategies and training to ensure teaching and learning is of the highest standard.

Art exhibitions are central to the boy’s development. We hosted no less than eight in the last academic year – these being a combination of student shows and practising artists’ work further stretch and enrich boys experience providing the much-needed wider cultural free learning that highly academic students crave. It is important to push and challenge students beyond the preconceived ideas of what it means to ‘do art’, mixed media, cement and plaster casts, experimental film are all experiences that Alleynians would explore. ‘Break-out’ exhibitions operate in transient spaces, challenging students to problem solve, be flexible and take-risks.

Teaching Art at Dulwich College supports the idea that while many of our students will go on to Art Colleges, Design courses and Architecture, what we want our students to do is use the subject to learn skills that are transferable in a wide range of professions, to make them ready in an ever-changing world, to prepare them to challenge, change and to be prepared to never stop learning. The Art department equips boys with the skills to learn rather than learning only skills.

‘The arts define our culture our identity and our national conversation’ Sir Peter Bazalgette OA

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Mrs Mary-Jo Doherty MA(RCA)

Head of Art