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Art at Dulwich College seeks to develop the visual literacy of all pupils, to enliven and complement the academic life of the College in ways that can exist beyond the art studios. Academic excellence is secured through a rich tradition of independent learning and tried and tested teaching, so that our young artists become ever more curious, courageous and original as they engage with the world.

"It is essential to push and challenge students beyond any preconceived ideas of what it means to ‘do art’; digital-media, plaster and cement casting as well as experimental film are all skills that Alleynians can explore."

Exhibitions are fundamental to developing creativity; hosting a mix of shows by both student and practising artists further stretches and enriches the student experience, providing the wider cultural free-learning that highly academic students crave. ‘Break-out’ exhibitions operate in transient spaces, challenging students to problem solve, be flexible and take risks.

The Art Department supports the idea that while many of our students will go on to study Art, Design and Architecture at university, all students can access the subject to learn skills that are transferable across a wide range of professions, preparing them, in an ever-changing world, to challenge and adapt.

"The Art department equips students with the skills to learn rather than simply learning skills."

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Mrs Mary-Jo Doherty MA(RCA)

Head of Art