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We seek to provide a secure yet challenging environment, which encourages participation, curiosity and enquiry.

In designing this curriculum there are governing principles:

  • Breadth, so that boys are exposed to the full spectrum of areas of learning (linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, creative, literary, spiritual, moral, physical, cultural and social)
  • Balance, so that boys develop appropriately in each of these areas
  • Relevance, so that boys see the reasons for learning.
  • Flexibility, so that at the highest levels of the College, where they must eventually specialise, boys can choose a combination of subjects that suits their personal interests and capabilities

While we attach much importance to a boy’s intellectual development, we are no less concerned with his personal qualities, which we seek to develop through every facet of his life at the College.

An impression of the scope of our non-timetabled curriculum can be gained from the main prospectus or the College website.

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