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The College has around 60 boarders per year, for whom English is an additional language, and who arrive in London with little experience of education in the UK. The majority of these pupils arrive in Year 12, but there are some who start in Years 7 to 10.

The aim of the EAL department is to support these pupils in their language acquisition and communicative competence so that they are confident in speaking and writing English. There are two EAL teachers in the department who teach most pupils in one-to-one sessions, which enable us to form close and supportive working relationships and where lessons are tailored to suit individual needs. Other pupils work in small groups, but all lessons focus on developing accuracy in speaking and writing, as well as developing listening and reading skills.

All new pupils are expected to complete an EAL Diploma which encourages and requires them to participate in various co-curricular activities, such as giving a speech to a Society, representing their Day House in a Sport or Music competition or visiting famous landmarks in London.  The Diploma will be assessed at the end of each new pupil’s first year, and the idea behind it is to support and encourage new EAL pupils’ wider involvement in the broad range of opportunities on offer at Dulwich College.

Boys who arrive in Year 12, who do not have an English language qualification, will be prepared for IELTS and boys who arrive in Years 7-10 will be given general language support to help them access the whole curriculum and develop competence and fluency.

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