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In addition to our core responsibility to guide pupils through the qualifications they need for beyond Dulwich, we look to encourage Alleynians to be diligent, capable, self-motivated and collaborative learners who are able to read broadly, research accurately and communicate clearly. Dulwich pupils are characterised by their enthusiasm for learning, an ability to embrace opportunities beyond the curriculum, think creatively, and are able to work diligently; understanding that performance does not come purely from natural talent, but as much by hard work and commitment.  

Our broad and balanced academic curriculum reflects these aim with its emphasis on the development of independent, creative thinking based on practical knowledge and conceptual understanding. We provide a secure yet challenging environment, which encourages participation, curiosity and enquiry. You will see this philosophy being adopted from the youngest of our pupils at DUCKS and the Junior school to those that are about to leave the senior school where we also look to embed Free Learning at the heart of what we do in the classroom.  

Through a broad range of activities, academicsporting and co-curricular we enable pupils to become confident, courteous and responsible individuals at ease with themselves and ready for the challenges of the world. 

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